Our bodies are made up of a unique recipe of the 5 great elements: Ether, Air, Fire, Water & Earth. When there is a dominance of 1-2 of those elements in the body, it is called Dosha. Each dosha-type has its own recognizable characteristics in its balanced state, and tell-tale signs for when it is thrown out of balance.

VATA: Air & Ether

IN BALANCE: Vata types are high-energy and very social. Physically they are often  tall and lean. They are easily-excitable, and may be a bit chatty.

OUT OF BALANCE: An excess of vata reflects in many ways as instability. Mentally, one may feel anxious, lonely, overly-stressed or depressed. Physically, one may feel “dried out.” Dry skin, hair, eyes and nails may be present, and one may be experiencing gas, bloating and constipation.

PITTA: Fire & Water

IN BALANCE: Pitta types are fiery. They are goal-oriented and love to be the best at things. They thrive on competition, even if its with him/herself. They physically run warm in the body, and tend to sweat easily.

OUT OF BALANCE: Too much fire can cause problems. This could come in the form of feeling overly competitive, and easily angry or frustrated. Excessive fighting and even burning bridges is a sign of pitta imbalance. Physically, one may experience heartburn, red eyes, skin irritations and diarrhea.

KAPHA: Earth & Water

IN BALANCE: our most stable dosha, kapha types are cool, calm and collected. Their endurance is high, they get the job done. They are loyal friends and generous with all that they have. Physically they are strong, stable and often are built large.

OUT OF BALANCE: too much earth and water can slow us down. One may experience fatigue, boredom and lethargy. Excessive water-retention and weight-gain is common, as are tendencies toward hoarding.