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coffee: adoration & respect

I love coffee. I love the process of making it, whether in the French press, the percolator, or even the plug-in coffee maker. I love the smell of it, how it can fill the air of the whole house in a matter of minutes. I love adding a little half & half or ghee to […]

thanksgiving, ayurveda style

Thanksgiving just might be my favorite holiday. Maybe not for the history of it, but certainly for the ritual, and what it means today. A day to get together with the most important people in your life and spend the day catching up, laughing, preparing delicious food, maybe a friendly game of football, and then […]

ojas & fire cider

I remember last Winter I was out with a friend at a restaurant bar, and we were talking about how bad the flu season had been that year. It had taken down most people in town at some point, and was a particularly horrible one according to those who’d had it. I mentioned that I […]

new skin, who dis?

When I was around 10 years old I developed a rash all over my body. After a few days of trying to treat it at home with baths and creams, my mom took me to a doctor. The primary care doctor didn’t know what it was and sent me to a dermatologist, who also was […]

east meets west, vol. 1: poison sumac

It’s easy, when getting interested, learning about and developing a lifestyle in Ayurveda, to get excited about staying so healthy so naturally, and using foods, spices, herbs and traditional techniques as the primary source of medicine. It’s easy to forget that the use of modern, Western medicine most definitely holds a very important place in […]

delicious transition

After spending a few years living in Texas, where it was typically hot during majority of the year, then mildly cold for a few weeks before starting to get hot again, I’ve learned to truly appreciate the distinct seasons we experience here on the East coast. The extreme temperatures of Winter and Summer, the colors […]

community medicine

“Don’t waste your hate. Rather, gather and create. Be of service, be a sensible person Use your words, and don’t be nervous. You can do this, you’ve got purpose. Find your medicine and use it.” -Nahko Bear and Medicine for the People I blinked and it’s February. These day’s I’m back and forth between home […]

saltwater & sandy toes

The ocean in the early morning is like an old friend.  I walk up onto the boardwalk and the shimmery reflection of the sun is like a sparkle in his eyes when he sees me.  I settle into my spot on my blanket and with his gentle waves he beckons me in.  The warm sun […]

say goodbye, my arugula.

During this busy gardening season I’ve been learning so much about the ancient art of gardening and farming, and it’s been a very humbling experience.  My daily trips out to the garden are always different, and observing the small changes each day, or even throughout the course of a day is inspiring.  Although it still […]

patience & dirt

Spring has an interesting energy to it.  We get these little tastes of warm weather here and there, and then are forced to remember that it is still only early and we must endure chilly days too.  Buds and blossoms appear on trees, grass becomes green again, the sun comes out earlier in the morning […]