turmeric all the things.

At a certain point it’s Winter, whether the calendar says so or not.  When going outside means putting on layer after layer just to keep the cold from biting your face off, I’d say we’ve arrived in Winter time.  I try to enjoy every season for it’s unique offering; I enjoy getting warm by the fire (space heater) and reading with a cup of spiced milk. I love the holiday season, all the lights and the Christmas tree, various versions of the Christmas Carol (The Muppet Christmas Carol is my favorite) and up-beat Christmas music. I love that first major snowfall of the year that lets you call out of work and make it a lazy, cozy day. What I don’t love is the increased risk of getting sick and being bedridden, feeling awful for days at a time.

Friends and family members have been reaching out to me lately, all with the same question: How can I kick this sickness ASAP? I’ve found myself saying many of the same things over and over: get plenty of rest, ginger, citrus, yada yada yada… put turmeric in everything.

TURMERIC. This beautifully bright, yellowish orange magical root that wants nothing but to make us healthy. In the local grocery store it draws no special attention to itself, just lines up nicely among all the other culinary spices, doesn’t even cost any extra in the powdered form, how it is most useful. Most of the time we can’t even taste it, makes itself known in food only with its vibrant yellow color (or, where eggs are concerned, bright red color…).

In Ayurveda, Turmeric is used to balance vata, pitta and kapha. This powerful medicine is anti-inflammatory, and reduced excess heat inside, and outside the body in skin conditions. Turmeric is antibacterial and can help those who are more susceptible to illness. Turmeric strengthens the tissues of the body, from the superficial to the deeper such as blood, muscle and bones. Turmeric normalizes cholesterol levels, and can help keep cancer at bay, or even cause cancer to regress.  Turmeric aids digestion and eases excess gas.  The list of benefits goes on and on, but for me these days, I’m using it to keep my household from getting sick.

I love making soup. Potato, cauliflower, butternut squash, yam, whatever, I’ll make soup with it, and you’d better believe I’ll sprinkle turmeric on whatever vegetable is going into the pot. The bitter flavor is so subtle that it can go unnoticed with whatever other spices I’m using. Just getting a little bit of turmeric here and there into the bodies of those in my house goes a long way.  Keeping everybody’s immunity high guards against whatever germs we encounter, and no one has taken a sick day yet this season (touch wood).

A few weeks ago I made my dad a tea with ginger, lemon, honey, turmeric and a little fire cider for his congestion and cough. He couldn’t believe what a difference it made, just hours later.

Add it to your tea, mix it into your spiced milk, cook it into your food. It even comes in pill form for those who like the convenience. Taken regularly, turmeric will noticeably improve your health and keep your body functioning at its best.

Check out my recipes page and try the golden milk for an option to get your dose of turmeric in a truly delightful way!